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Dyslexia: diagnoses and treatment 

Introduction to Dyslexia


Dyslexia is a reading disability, which means the children cannot read, spell,

and write fitly. The children diagnosed with Dyslexia cannot pronounce and read

the phonemes exactly, such as if a word is “camel,” they may pronounce it “lemac.”

It means they cannot get how the words sound when some alphabets are

joined to make them. The brain’s area responsible for the processing of

reading, writing, and related learning tasks is problematic and cannot decode the

words that the child hears.

Daily times Pakistan reported, Around 15% to 20% of students in each class in

Pakistan is afflicted with Dyslexia.

How to diagnose Dyslexia

There is not only one test to identify this disease. Such as it is reported that

people or children having this disease usually ask for vision problems although

medically there is no such problem with their vision, but they think they have it,

Moreover, doctors can identify by observing your child's body language. Children

having Dyslexia clears their throats repeatedly.

Not only these observations and little testing are enough to diagnose this disease.

There is a range of tests that are used to identify this disease. Some important and

prominent of them are listed here:

 Psychological testing 

It is a kind of testing in which a doctor will ask you and your children's teacher to

determine the mental health of your son/daughter. The pro is that you can

recognize the factors that may be undermining your child's abilities, such as

depression, anxiety, and family problems.

 Reading tests 

A speech therapist may ask your child to attempt a specific number of tests so that

he can identify the reading and writing skills and disabilities of your child

 A few other factors

A few other factors are also considered while diagnosing this

disorder, such as genes may cause it as if previously in your family

someone has this; then your child is likely to suffer it. In addition to it, some.

questions related to the daily life of your child and about your family members

maybe asked by your doctor.

How Dyslexia is treated

Several people say that this disease has a cure, but the reality

is a bit different from it. Surprisingly this disease does not have any treatment. Still, early

intervention and some remedies with a doctor’s consultation may result in better,

but if ignored for a long time, it will have worse effects.

For treating this disease, there are a lot of therapies and techniques used.

Such as

 Contribution of a child's school teacher

Your child's teacher can play a significant role in treating this disability.

Dyslexia is treated with the help of some specific techniques. Teachers can play a significant role in how the students can get rid of this disease. Such as teachers

can utilize all of the senses, hearing, vision, and touching on teaching students the

pronunciation of words and have sessions in separate classrooms to teach them to

read correctly. Furthermore, the alphabet made of plastic should be used to understand how an alphabet looks.

 Role of parents 

As the parents of your child, you have to make a massive contribution while treating

your child with Dyslexia. You should speak with your child regularly and make

him read the easy words.

 Individualized Educational plans (IEPs)

Teachers are legally obliged to set up educational and learning plans to help

students diagnosed with Dyslexia. Parents should personally take part in it and

cooperate with their child's teacher to make an appropriate plan to

decide how to tackle the disorder. Every year this plan can be edited based upon

the progress of their child.

These were the three most essential factors that play a massive role in the

treatment of Dyslexia. Although this is not it, there are a lot of other techniques and


Methods. You can enrol your child in various courses like Orton-Gillingham.

Apart from this, the use of multisensory techniques will play a vital


Research and written by Junaid Amjad

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