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What is resonance and resonance disorder?

What is resonance

Resonance is part of the human speaking model. The voice box generates the sound. It is
comprised of three main components, pharynx(throat), nasal cavity(nose), oral(hole). The velopharyngeal
valve ensures the distinction between nasal and oral cavities while the person is speaking.
The velopharyngeal valve is open and closed while breathing and speaking, respectively.

What is resonance disorder?
Resonance disorder mainly depends upon the velopharyngeal structure. It is a function made of various
parts. It ensures the delivery of clear speech sound. A resonance disorder may occur if the
velopharyngeal valve is not performing correctly.
There are differing views on the disorders. Some experts say it is not about the problematic airflow into
the nose. It refers to articulation in which air is delivered through the nose. On the contrary, it is
the weak production of oral and nasal sounds.
Others say it is a speaking disorder in which the airflow to the mouth is interrupted. It happens when
the soft palate doesn’t close the velopharyngeal valve. Moreover, if the frequency of airflow to oral or
nasal cavities is disturbed. The causes can be numerous such as the soft palate may be smaller.
Types of resonance disorders
There are various types of resonance disorders, but three of them are the main
 Hypernasality
Hypernasality is the situation when the air flows through the nasal cavity. There is are a massive
amount of oscillations in the negative cavity. Hypernasality may cause more related problems.
Hypernasality is caused due to the gap between the soft palate and the black wall of the mouth.
 Hyponasality
Hyponasality occurs when a massive amount of air flows through the oral cavity while delivering
a nasal speech. It occurs because of the gap between the velopharyngeal valve and the soft palate.
 Cul-De-Sac resonance
In this situation, resonance occurs in the throat due to swollen tonsils or
congestion in the throats.
 Mixed resonance
It is a situation in which all these types of disorders occurs in the same speech sound
 Nasal air emission
It is a situation in which an audible sound comes out from the nasal cavity. It is caused by the
insufficient velopharyngeal closure.
Ways of diagnosing resonance disorder.
Various tests can be carried out to identify this disorder.
 X-ray
It is a type of test in which all the parts of the throats pictured so that SLP( speech-language
pathologist can

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