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WHO CHIEF HAILS PFIZER COVID-19 VACCINE NEWS AS ‘Empowering’ GENEVA – The World Health Organization boss hailed as “empowering” Pfizer and BioNTech’s declaration Monday that their antibody has in preliminaries demonstrated 90%effective in forestalling COVID-19 diseases. The two drug organizations said the immunization they have mutually evolved had during Phase ...

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What is resonance and resonance disorder?

What is resonance Resonance is part of the human speaking model. The voice box generates the sound. It is comprised of three main components, pharynx(throat), nasal cavity(nose), oral(hole). The velopharyngeal valve ensures the distinction between nasal and oral cavities while the person is speaking. The velopharyngeal valve is open and ...

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Dyslexia Symptoms & causes

Dyslexia, An Overview Dyslexia is a learning syndrome. It encompasses exertion reading due to difficulties recognizing speech sounds and learning. It also involves how they relate to letters and words (decoding). Its other name is reading disorder. It disturbs areas of the brain that process language. Individuals with dyslexia have ...

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Treatment of Viral Smallpox

Treatment of Smallpox Treatment of smallpox patients usually includes compassionate care. Vaccination with replication-competent smallpox vaccines (i.e., ACAM2000 and APSV) can avert or reduce the sternness of illness. It happens in the case when a patient takes 2 or 3 days of preliminary acquaintance. They may reduce signs of disease ...

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What You need to Know About the Causes of and Treatments for Skin Ulcer

Skin ulcers definition A Skin ulcer is an exposed tender due to deprived blood circulation. A good bloodstream is essential for injury remedial. But if you are facing blood circulation difficulties, minor wounds can’t heal appropriately. Over time, a scar can evolve into a skin ulcer. If an ulcer gets ...

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Conduction Aphasia A complete overview

Dysphasia language disorder speech disorder conduction aphasia

Introduction to Conduction Aphasia Conduction aphasia is a term to define trouble of language function that outcomes from a head injury. Frequently, clinicians describe aphasia is depending on the position of the brain lesion. Conduction aphasia is a rare form of aphasia. Which were both expression and understanding remain whole, ...

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