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Saturday , October 24 2020


Feenamint or Feen-A-Mint Tablet

Uses Of feenamint or Feen-A-Mint Tablet Feenamint is useful for treating constipation. It may also use to clear the intestines before a bowel checkup/surgical procedure. It is a tonic laxative. It increases the movement of the intestines. It also aids the stool for exertion. How to use Feen-A-Mint Tablet Feenamint ...

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Understanding Hernia — the Basics

What Is a Hernia? It happens when a body part or full of fat tissue crushes through a weak spot in an adjacent muscle or connective tissue called fascia. The most common forms of hernia are inguinal, incisional (resulting from an incision), femoral (outer groin), umbilical (belly button), and hiatal ...

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Why is this medication prescribed? Furosemide is suitable for the treatment of high blood pressure. It cannot be used alone. Practitioners only recommend its use in combination with other medicines. Doctors take it as an option for Edema’s treatment (fluid retention; excess fluid held in body tissues). Edema can be ...

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A test Quiz; Am I pregnant?

Am I pregnant? When this hypertensive question is confusing you that am I pregnant or not. It can be tough to deliberate about any other thing. Try our meek quiz to see whether your signs augment. It will help you with proof. Who should take this quiz? It is for ...

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A Patient’s Guide to Foot Anatomy

Foot Anatomy The foot anatomy consists of numerous categories. These comprise Bones and joints, tendons and ligaments, Muscles, Nerves, and Blood Vessels. Bones and Joints The carcass of the foot commences with the talus or anklebone. The ankle joint area is due to the carcass. A couple of bones in ...

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Male Reproductive System

What is reproduction It is the procedure by which animals/humans/plants or microbes evolve to make more organisms like themselves. But even yet, the procreative system is essential to keeping a species successful. Unlike other body systems, it’sits not crucial for an individual’s life. We are going to discuss the male ...

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